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Our world is a stressful place. Work deadlines, family issues, bills, and illness are often unavoidable and can all add up;  taking a physical toll on our bodies, manifesting as headaches, muscle 'knots', back pain, and loss of sleep. But while the stress of everyday life is inescapable, you can find relief from the physical pain it causes.


Let me introduce you to Myofascial Release (MFR). MFR is a hands-on therapeutic technique to eliminate pain and restore motion through gentle sustained pressure on targeted areas of connective tissue (fascia) that surround the muscle and bones. The pressure helps to improve your range of motion and lessen pain in the targeted area by releasing restriction in the connective tissue. Learn more about MFR and the training our team members undergo to become certified. Learn More >


What Can MFR Help With?​

MFR can help if you are seeking relief from: 

  • Headaches

  • Stress

  • Loss of Sleep

  • Mental Fatigue

  • Poor Circulation

  • Weakend Immune System

  • Tight Muscles

  • Tension in the Neck and Shoulders

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Pain from Previous Injuries

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • and more

Why Chiniology

Chiniology is led by Kristin Pulman Chini, an expert-level Myofascial Release therapist with over 314 hours of training, including training under renowned Myofascial Release therapy expert, John F. Barnes, P.T. Kristin's training and her passion for living an organic, healthy lifestyle combined to form the foundation of Chiniology. 

When you choose Chiniology, you're choosing one of the top MFR experts in the region. You can relax during your treatment due to the knowledge that you're in good hands with Kristin.

Nursing Student, 31

A couple of years ago I went through one of the most personally difficult times in my life. I had a nervous breakdown and was experiencing debilitating anxiety and depression. It was the help of professional psychiatric counseling in tandem with Kristin's services that I was able to come to terms with my emotional trauma and begin learning and utilizing coping mechanisms to help me navigate my triggers. She was there to help me shift my perspective when I was feeling overwhelmed or incapable of moving forward in a positive way. Kristin provides a deeply understanding environment where she applies no only a physical therapy, but an active cognitive/behavioral approach to help you engage your experience with self-compassion and understanding. I am very thankful for the work Kristin does and would encourage others to reach out to her if they are struggling with navigating stress in their lives.

Let Your Stress Melt Away

What To Expect

During Treatment

When you visit Chiniology, there is a thorough intake questionnaire including a discussion of past traumas and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your pain. A trained Chiniology therapist will perform a physical assessment that includes posture and function, which helps to identify areas of fascial restriction. This is typically followed by a 1 hour, 90 min or 2-hour hands-on treatment session. Clients should expect to find some improvement in their symptoms after the first session. 

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