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helping you balance your Chi

Have you been told that you have to “live with the pain” or that the “pain is all in your head?” 

Do you feel exhausted or run down most of the time?

Have you had to alter your lifestyle because of your pain?

Are you unable to see friends, care for your children, work, exercise, or enjoy the things you used to?

Are you unable to enjoy life because of your pain?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you are a typical patient that we see and successfully treat with Myofascial Release. 

We believe no one should have to LIVE with pain.  Myofascial Release allows us to achieve lasting symptom relief and healing for our clients and is a non-invasive, medication-free option to relieve symptoms.


Relieving Pain And Bringing Joy Back

To Your Life

Pain can be crippling. It can take all of the fun out of activities you normally enjoy. But, your life doesn't need to be filled with pain any longer.

Whether you find joy exercising, playing with your kids, or gardening,  like Kristin, you deserve to take part in those activities pain-free.


Kristin founded Chiniology to help you engage in those activities without pain so that you can live a more balanced, happy life. 

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