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Put Your Trust
In Chiniology

Read what our MFR clients have to say about Chiniology.

Nursing Student, 31

A couple of years ago I went through one of the most personally difficult times in my life. I had a nervous breakdown and was experiencing debilitating anxiety and depression. It was the help of professional psychiatric counseling in tandem with Kristin's services that I was able to come to terms with my emotional trauma and begin learning and utilizing coping mechanisms to help me navigate my triggers. She was there to help me shift my perspective when I was feeling overwhelmed or incapable of moving forward in a positive way. Kristin provides a deeply understanding environment where she applies no only a physical therapy, but an active cognitive/behavioral approach to help you engage your experience with self-compassion and understanding. I am very thankful for the work Kristin does and would encourage others to reach out to her if they are struggling with navigating stress in their lives.

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